Frequently Asked Questions

What sets us apart from other companies is our unwavering commitment to teach our clients every step of the way. Where other companies stick to sales pitches, we focus on listening to your individual needs and working with you to plan and build the space of your dreams.

Effective builds harness the resources and teachings of the city building departments, state officials, architects, engineers, industrial hygienists, foremen and technicians to ensure safe building practices at all times. Effective builds is licensed and insured to protect our clients at all times.

Contracting is an action unlike what you might use to describe the actual construction process. Before any work takes place, a contractor, with the proper licensing, is asked to build an agreement between the contractor and the party wishing to utilize their services.

Contracting is important because it can protect homeowners from unwanted lawsuits, environmental hazards, unfavorable results and unknown costs. These contracts should not be difficult to read, but rather they should provide all the terms needed to understand what, when, where and cost of your project in simplest terms.

If you’re weary about your contractor or their contract, get a second opinion. It never hurts to ask questions and learn more about the process and the terms included.